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Need A Job But Don’t Want One Like Mine…Why ?

I am a member of a wonderful site called  “Daily Kos” It’s a place where citizen journalists, some politicians,famous people and us,regular folks come together to share written diaries based on a wide varity of subjects. You get to comment on what you read and get input from others on what you write. It’s very cool and I’ve learned alot there.

Recently, I read one that totally set me off (which is really hard to do as I am a bit of a reasonably rational person)…This person needed money…needed to find a job…

His ID is MinistryofTruth..He is an awesome writer and has been covering the Occupy Wall Street movement with a firey conviction that is powerful and informing but citizen journalism rarely pays…( he has even been on The ED show twice) though I’m sure it wasn’t his intent … his desciption of seemingly lowering his standards to apply at a McDonald’s was more that I could bare…

Technically, I don’t have a job. I am calling myself a freelance writer because that is the only way I can really explain how I have been sustaining myself for the last few months. I don’t get paid to make appearances, I just do it. What would be better for my future, to do what I am doing, or would I be better of going and getting a job at McDonald’s and go away?

Would all of these students across America be better off protesting astronomical tuition, or going and getting a job at McDonald’s?

How does a job at McDonald’s or Walmart help me pay off my student loans? ~MinistryOfTruth

 My Posted Comment :

I have a son…he has not one but three college degrees and can’t get a job in any of his fields right now. He works two jobs…One in retail and one in fast food…

He IS paying his college expenses….He IS working to help his family make ends meet…He IS still managing to find time to help out in our community….

I have worked in the restaurant industry for over 30 years…these past few have brought me pay cuts and loss in my benefits as well as loss in self-esteem because the Corporate bosses care more about the bottom line that workers and customers anymore….

I also am totally fed up with statements such as…

“They can be successful or flip burgers for a living”

“If they aren’t careful the only job they will find will entail asking “Do you want fries with that? ”

“Stay in school or you’ll be selling burgers and fries for the rest of your life”

And there are more…be honest you’ve all heard them….
It doesn’t matter who said them…but it does matter that it is ignorant and hurtful…

We can’t see family this Thanksgiving…We have to work and really can’t afford to go. We will still spend time helping at our community kitchen and have found a Vet through the VFW that needed some help so we got him some turkey fixings this year…

I’m sorry for the rant but it’s just bad timing that I read this right now….

The place where I work has more than 10 job openings going un-filled…why ???

Maybe because it’s a job that everyone puts at the bottom of the list hoping that they will find something better… ~JMoore

The first response I wrote  was a bit heated and the internet gods must of caught me because just as I was about to hit send…I lost my connection…Hmmmm, someone trying to tell me something…I got back online and re-wrote my comment but this one was a bit more calmer…I do have a job while many others don’t… despite it’s flaws…I  like it and do it well…I knew that my comment would be lost though in the hundreds of replies that the diary had received…

I sat there disappointed that my thoughts would be buried… my youngest son noticed my frown and when I told him what was up….He said smiling…”Why don’t you put it on your blog ?”

Damn, who raised him ??? Such a smart young man…Thanks for letting me rant….

If you get a chance you really should check out The Daily Kos @ dailykos.com