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I shut this page down for awhile because of some of the questions I was getting involving my story about a childhood trauma but there is a new day and a new chance at leaving my mark, so I have re-opened this page with a renewed sense of having fun with you. I left some of the more interesting comments on but look forward to new ones.

One of the ways I’ve always enjoyed sharing with people is answering their questions. So it was suggested that I  give those who would like to… a place to ask me just about anything you would like to….

I like to think of myself as someone who has studied and experienced a lot but still has a great deal more to learn. My opinions are my own though I do try and research them as best I can. Seems there are quite a few people nowadays that try to make truth a subjective thing. Opinions are just that…opinions but facts are facts and in my eyes, not subject to debate…

I am never always right but have a good track record on not being wrong that often.  I am a pretty open person and have dealt with most of the bad things in my life to a point that they no longer can hurt me anymore & might even help someone else out. One never is totally aware of a lot of life’s lessons until they are related to other events.

If it’s a short answer I might just place it here in comments but as many of you will find….I can be an extremely long winded person when it comes to explaining myself…so check the home page for your answer from time to time…if you don’t see it here….

Also if for some rude or crude reason, I can’t or won’t answer your question, I won’t leave you hangin’…I’ll be honest as I can be… always 🙂

16 responses to “Ask Me

  1. What kind of band were you in ?

    • It was a bar band….we did a lot of road trippin’ going to towns that we played in.I was very very young….hehehe but I was lucky to have seven of the most loveable men on earth surrounding me but it was a dark time in rock where drugs and booze were way too much a part of the scene. Lessons were learned the hard way…losses were sudden….sad & many time for stupid reasons. Still a hugh part of what made me….me 🙂

  2. bigdogmichaels26

    As someone who knows you, I have resisited the temptation to ask you anything here but what the hell, I know when you were with the band you did some crazy things. LOL ! What was the craziest ?

    • Ethan, I can only imagine the horror stories your brother told you about being on road trips & the few dives we played now and than….

      Ten years holds a lot of craziness but if I were to pick just one…One night we were about 300 miles away from home…We didn’t want to spend any more money on hotel rooms & we had noticed an old abandoned building next to the bar. After packing up the vans, we checked it out….It was dark,dirty,smelly….but I found that night that being the only girl vote with seven other guys doesn’t hold much weight….all I can add is that it was a good thing that I grew up camping out with my Dad but even the most primitive trip with Dad couldn’t come close to how truly scary and bad that night in that building was…Bugs….rats….wind blowing through the big cracks in the walls and noises that could of been playing in any haunting house in the country to scare little kids…as well as grown-up ones who have stupid ideas…Only Big guy Toby slept and his snores rattled what windows there were in the place.

      This happened in the early years and I was still pretty young and totally wondering if I had made the wrong career choice.
      But honestly, I cherish each one of those memories now…I miss my “guys”….your brother, Dillon, most of all.

  3. I would love to know more about your two sons. I know one is 16 but what about the other and have you always been a single mom ?

    • My sons are 16 & 28….there is a standing joke among my friends that it took me twelve years to figure out how I got the 1st one before I had the 2nd…I have always been a single mom.
      I think I’m going to save the rest of my answer for the home page as they are very special young men and because they are partly responsible for this blog…I’d want them to be able to read it first before I post.
      Hope that’s ok…

      • I have been away from the blogs awhile but wanted to let you know that I love the piece you wrote on your sons and was very sorry to read about your cousin. Please continue to share with us when you can. Maybe tell us your fondest memory of your cousin. Happy memories keep us from going crazy I think. Does writing help you ? You do make me feel like we are sitting somewhere talking together with the way you put things.

  4. J. I would very much like to know more about you. Could you give us a bit of a bio ? Where were you born ? Hometown ? You know just some of the basic stuff.

    • A bit of a bio…just for you,Simon :)….Born on a road trip to Michigan…more moons ago than I care to count at this moment…We moved alot…Dad in service then on the stock car circuit…I have always called Chicago my hometown because it holds a lot of my best memories..I spent quite a bit of time in and out of hospitals, doctor offices growing up because of my health but never let anything stop me from trying to reach for my dreams.
      College town in Indiana is where I picked to raise my sons. Fell in love with it when I came here for school. Music & Drama major…Bar band member for ten years…had young delusions about being a rock star & got to know a few before they became ones 🙂
      Twice blessed with children…who have grown into very wonderful young men. Never married. I respected the men I loved too much to do that to them..(now there’s an explanation waiting to happen, lol) Still battling my internal health demons but thank the powers that be every day that I am still here…Still learning….still having fun.

  5. Happy Birthday to a truly beautiful person!!!

  6. It is so cool that you responded so quickly and I understand that it might be something difficult to write about online. Please take your time.

  7. Thanks for your comment and your question.
    Not a subject I have openly discussed in print before but you are right, I did say it in those tweets so maybe it is time to see if I can put it into a condensed version of a secret that I kept long into my adulthood but did manage to share eventually…
    Recent events in the news have made it painfully obvious once again that some things never really go away….they just get buried deep….and pop up when you least expect them…
    I will try and answer your question but will need some time to think about how to share it with you…J.

  8. I like the way you answered that. Made me smile. I read that that was one of your goals doing a blog. You seem to have a great start. I follow you on Twitter and saw how you regularly tweet about stopping child abuse. A couple mentioned that you were a victim of it. If it’s not too painful can you tell us more about it. When did it happen and how did you deal with it ?

  9. Yes, it’s me…I was a little over 2…I also apparently started an obsession with hats at an early age. For those who wonder if I have a rope tied around my waist…I do.
    We didn’t have a fence and…from the way the story is told…I liked to run towards a road as soon as I thought no one was looking. The other end of the rope is attached to a big oak tree.
    I have had friends speculate that this might of been the begining of small but significant bondage interest 🙂

  10. The picture on your profile, is it you ? LOL,when was it taken ? Very cute !

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