Did you ever have those moments during your day when something triggers a memory or thought that you hadn’t had in a long time ?

Ever hear or see something that makes you wonder..”what the heck” but you don’t have anyone at the time to share it with ?

Welcome to my world…I’ve been around awhile…though I swear from the neck up I still feel the same way I always have…from the neck down…my body seems to be having issues with getting old…Many wonderful people have come and gone in my life thus far…Blaming time….distance…or Mother Nature never seems to get me anywhere though…

My very awesome sons decided that instead of chewing on their ears on a regular basis….I needed a forum that would allow me to express and share my memories…thoughts and ever-changing opinions. Being the open-minded person I am…I can be totally swayed by a well-informed & polite debate.

So I hope I can share some cyber space with you….Bring you a few tidbits of my journey on this earth….a couple of insights not so easily learned from past mistakes or simple life choices…

If I can make you laugh or smile along the way….all the better for me as it is one of my life’s quests to show that even with a horrible storm…there’s hopes for a rainbow.

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  1. I find your explaination very interesting and look forward to following you.

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