Another Fork In The Road

   Hmmmm, seems I’ve been in this place before… looking around I do see some familiar things. It’s been awhile though… one of those walking around in a thick dark cloud kind of periods. What the heck ?? It’s not like I’d never had to go through bad stuff before…not like I’d never been in pain. Years of acceptance of things unchangeable and a strong desire to hold on to the positive things that have always kept me afloat in the past, I had truly come to believe that there was nothing I couldn’t deal with but I have to admit that these  last few months really rattled me.

   I want to thank all of you who kept refusing to let me just fade away . My youngest son would read me your messages and notes during the time when I wasn’t able to do for myself. I have always been fortunate to have connected  with so many wonderous spirits in the cyber realm. I hope I can return the kindness and smiles to you as well.

   So many interesting tales involve coming to a crossroad.A so-called “fork in the road of life”… The powers that be know I have seen more than my share of them… I feel blessed by the opportunity to venture down another path. I feel blessed to be able to have people to share with and learn from.

   For now it’s late and I really need to close my eyes for a bit but I had to do this much… I needed to begin again. So much to think about. It really is cool when there’s a break in the clouds and you can see color starting to wash over the grey. Stay safe,my friends

One response to “Another Fork In The Road

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